Meet the Team




Richard Amburn

Senior Wealth Strategist


Richard was raised by two incredible parents, Jim and Dot. Jim was a nuclear physicist who worked for General Electric, and Dot was a CPA. Richard got his start in the robotics industry, where he quickly rose through the ranks and developed an expertise in engineering, automation, and project management.

Richard had a strong interest in investing and pursued it with a passion, developing close relationships with business owners, real estate developers, and the people behind the “Rich Dad Poor Dad” empire. In time, Richard became an expert investor himself.

In 2005, he left engineering and landed at a firm that specialized in Self Directed IRAs that invested in real estate.   Richard later co-founded Easy IRA Solutions, a firm that focused and helped high-net-worth individuals shelter alternative asset investments from capital gains taxes, through self managed IRA’s.

Soon thereafter, the 2008 financial crisis hit. Richard’s parents had dutifully followed the instructions of the retirement “experts” out there, investing their life savings in the stock market and their personal home. The financial crisis wiped out their decades of responsible investing.

How could it be that a nuclear physicist and an accountant—two bright and responsible people—could lose almost everything in close to one year by following the “expert advice” from the financial media?

Richard was inspired to look for a better way for affluent individuals to invest their capital, and for middle-class Americans to save for retirement. He co-founded The Capital Warehouse, which helps clients eliminate high fees, eliminate taxes, and protect their money from market downturns. At The Capital Warehouse, Richard is responsible for overseeing operations and client services, by continuously searching for the best investment products. Richard also manages Easy IRA Solutions to this day.